J-Town Man Deletes “Words with Friends” app After 0-1 Start

WWFLike most smart phone owners, Tom Hamilton uses his device for much more than calling and texting his friends.  Downloading and playing games on his phone is as much a part of his day as talking, typing or surfing the web.  Hamilton lists Minecraft, Tank Hero, and NBA 2K16 among his favorites, but he says he is always willing to try a new game, specifically if there is a free version available.

“I mean, I’ll pay for a game, but it has to be, like, Minecraft quality, you know? Like, super cool.  Otherwise, I’ll keep my $1.99, thank you very much”, said Hamilton.

So when he noticed his co-workers at McCallister’s Deli playing Words with Friends, he thought he would give it a try.

“Every time (co-workers) take a smoke break, I notice that they’re playing this scrabble-type game on their phones.  So I asked Sarah, who is this super-cute chick that works the counter, about it.  She was like ‘blah blah blah, Words with Friends, blah blah blah, we should play a game, blah blah blah’.  So I decided to download it.”

After getting the free version and deciding on screen name “HamDawg_69”, Hamilton started a game with his co-worker Sarah, aka “SarahFlower”.

Hamilton says at first, the game was “sort of” fun, but as he quickly fell behind to Sarah, he started to become disillusioned.

“I mean, she got 31 points with the word ‘Qi’.  What does that even mean, dude?  I’m going to ask (Sarah) to use that word in a sentence next time I see her.  We’ll see how smart Little Miss Cashier is then.”

After battling back, Hamilton says the final straw was when he was ready to use all of his remaining letters to win the game, but Words with Friends rejected his play.  After resigning and losing the game to SarahFlower, Hamilton deleted the app from his phone.

“Since when is ‘Tracfone’ not a word?  Here, I’ll use it in a sentence.  ‘I got my Tracfone at WalMart’.  I mean, case closed.  (Words with Friends) is so dumb, man.  Next thing you know, it’ll be telling me that WalMart isn’t a real word.”


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“I’ll publish , right or wrong: Fools are my theme, let satire be my song” – Rochdale, 1809


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