Louisville Metro Department of Corrections Considering Re-Brand to Kentuckiana Corrections

The change is being considered to combat poor public image and to give the department a “fresh start”.    Full Story

Poor Turnout for Depression Screening at Mall St. Matthews Blamed on Cloudy Weather, Depressed Target Audience

Organizers were hoping to help “hundreds of potentially depressed individuals” at a free screening last weekend.  Instead, poor planning, bad weather, and an ill-fated Chik-Fil-A sandwich giveaway led to a record-low turnout at Mall St. Matthews.  Full Story

Louisville’s Problem that Doesn’t Seem to Be Going Away

Despite a re-vitalized downtown, healthy economy, and great local meteorologists, the problem persists.    Full Story

Lake Forest Woman Forgets to Update Facebook Profile Picture to Derby Day Photo

Just over a week after attending Derby, Sara Bergeron made a “horrifying” discovery on her Facebook page.    Full Story

Louisville’s Last “Mom and Pop” Immediate Care Center to Close Doors

After 36 years and thousands of patients served, “Bob and Kelly’s Immediate Care Center” is forced to shut down.   Full Story

BW3 Server to Stop Addressing Male Customers as “Boss”

Billy Rightman started calling male customers “Boss” almost ten years ago, but now vows to make a change.     Full Story

Highly Anticipated Mall St Matthews vs. Oxmoor Center Softball Game to be Played Wednesday

A small trophy and year-long bragging rights will be on the line when the area’s two malls “play ball” this week.     Full Story

Area Day Care Center to Close Controversial Drive-Thru Window

Five months after opening, SunnyTimes Day Care will discontinue the use of drive-thru drop off and pick up service at its east end location.   Full Story

Angry Green Bay Packer Fans Take to Streets, Protest Loss to Tennesee Titans

The largest protest was in downtown Milwaukee, where fans yelled and held signs saying “Not our Packers” and “Make Green Bay Great Again”.    Full Story

Lake Forest Woman Overreacts to Olympic Closing Ceremony

Susan Holt took to social media immediately following the ceremony, calling it “Inspiring” and “Life-changing”.    Full Story

“Christmas In July” Sales Fail to Stimulate Local Economy

Despite their best efforts, it was another disappointing “Christmas In July” for Louisville area businesses.    Full Story

J-Town Man Deletes “Words With Friends” app After 0-1 Start

Tom Hamilton was looking for fun, but instead found frustration when his favorite words weren’t recognized by the popular app.    Full Story

Area News Outlets Fail to Find Local Connection to Bruce Jenner

The former decathlete is making world-wide headlines, but no local news stations were able to find a local tie-in to Bruce Jenner.   Full Story

Highlands Man Unsure What to Do With Drake’s Gift Card

Dylan Rome’s Christmas was “all good” until he opened an envelope from a rarely seen relative.  Full Story

Jefferson County Driver’s License Exam adds Driving from Shelbyville Road Plaza to Oxmoor Center and Back

Area teenagers hoping for a low-stress road test on the way to getting their driver’s license may be in for an unpleasant experience.  Full Story 

Clifton Man Begins Building Alcohol Tolerance for Next Year’s Kentucky Derby

Steve Zubriski, better known as the “Z Man” amongst his friends, vows to drink daily over the next seven months in order to have an “epic” Kentucky Derby week.  Full Story

UofL Study:  Drinking Diet Mountain Dew Instead of Regular Mountain Dew Adds Three Weeks to Human Life Expectancy

By injecting laboratory mice with both regular and diet versions of Mountain Dew, then watching the mice die over a two week period, lead researcher Dr. Steven Papa is confident in the study’s results.  Full Story

I’ll publish, right or wrong: Fools are my theme, let satire be my song. – Rochdale: 1809
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