Lake Forest Woman Forgets to Update Facebook Profile Picture to Derby Day Photo

Just over a week afDerby Hatter she attended the KY Derby, Sara Bergeron of Lake Forest made a “horrifying” discovery – that she had neglected to change her Facebook profile picture to a photo of herself at Churchill Downs on Derby Day.

“I got a push notification that my friend’s son Conner hit a double in his little league game, so I immediately logged in (to Facebook) to read all about it.”, said Bergeron.

“Of course, I shared the post, and when I looked on my own page, that’s when I realized that I hadn’t updated my profile picture.  It was still a photo of me from my friend’s sister’s baby shower last month, which was before I went on Atkins.  I mean, I look like a freaking pig.  I was horrified.”

Bergeron says she may still change her profile picture to a Derby Day shot, but she is unsure if too much time has passed.

“I mean, Derby was over a week ago and all my friends have already changed (their profile picture) to a Derby photo.  So, if I update my profile picture now, all my friends will talk about is how I updated mine after they did, that I’m just copying what they’ve already done.  Especially that Grace Chesterson, I mean I love her to death, but ever since she got a promotion at her dumb job, she can’t keep her fat mouth shut about anything”.

Local social media expert and consultant Andy Dunn says that while there are no written rules about when or how often to change a profile picture, the sooner you change it after a major event, like the KY Derby, the better.

“I advise all of my clients to update their profile no longer than two days after they attend any event or party.  It’s important to let your (social media) followers know that you are at every fabulous happening in town, especially if they were not invited or could not afford to attend”.

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