Lake Forest Woman Overreacts to Olympic Closing Ceremony

RioThe Summer Olympics concluded Sunday night with the Closing Ceremony taking place at Maracana Stadium in Rio De Janeiro.  Despite low television ratings (down 44% from the Closing Ceremony from London in 2012), one local woman watched intently and enthusiastically.

Susan Holt of Lake Forest took to social media following the Closing Ceremony of the summer Olympics in Rio, leaving her family and some of her friends believing that she overreacted.

Holt posted to Facebook within minutes of the end of the NBC telecast: “OMG, that closing ceremony was life-changing!  Two words – glorious and devine!  The colors, the pageantry, the dancing, the music, the athletes that worked so hard to be there…I’ll never take anything for granted again!  Even some of the eastern European athletes were smiling!  #lifechanging #closingceremony #rioolympics #gloriousanddevine #thecolorsthepageantrythemusictheathletesthatworkedsohardtobethere.”

Holt’s children immediately asked her to delete or edit the post, but she refused and had already posted a similar message to Instagram, along with a selfie of herself holding a small Olympic flag.

“I am not changing or deleting any (social media posts)”, said Holt in a phone interview.  “My children can roll their eyes and snicker at me all they like.  My mind just soared after watching that ceremony!  It was life-affirming, heart-warming, uplifting, and even managed some levity with that Mario Brothers guy doing that thing.  As a matter of fact, it was so inspiring that I plan on going to the gym tomorrow”.

Holt’s reaction took some of her friends by surprise, who called her “level-headed most of the time” and “relatively normal”.

Not everyone was surprised by Holt’s reaction however, including her husband Bill.

“She overreacts to just about everything”, said Bill.  “Like, at my nephew’s wedding last year?  I told her I didn’t like the (bride’s) dress.  You’d have thought I called (the bride) a hooker or something the way Susan reacted.  And just last week, I suggested we go out to eat instead of her making dinner, which of course somehow meant that I hate her cooking.  I could go on, but I won’t because she’ll be reading this article, and of course, overreacting to it”.


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“And so it goes” – Kurt Vonnegut

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